True New

The Skatejet towingdevice for inline skaters provides a thrilling ride on the pavement like never before.

This German development, is well engeneered and easy to control.

With the standard speed up to 40 mph, it is possible for about everybody to enjoy "waterskiing on the road". But, if one is hungry for speed, the fun goes up to 80 mph.

Say "Hello!" adrenalin.
This is inlineracing.

Doin' it
Adrenalin with Satejet

Grab the handles and have a relaxed standing behind the Skatejet. With feet left and right and the machine in front, you form a perfect stable tripod. The left hand releases the brake and the right hand finger tows the throttle. Hold on, the fun begins. While getting faster, you stand upright behind the skatejet, free in motion and expecting the first turn. A slight bend of the handlbar and gently weighs the Skatejet in. Tow the gas and the shape of that turn will immediantly appear in your face.  

Too fast? For decaleration, just hold down the handlebar and pull the brake, it's all about your bodytension and so easy.

Emergencybrake? Tow the handlebar close to you and bring your bodywheight over it, pull the brake and the discbrakesystem will lower you down with scooterlike behaviour. Driving the Skatejet is like holding an equal weighted dancepartner that tears you away. And it is a sporty dance, because every muscle is tensed and you allways wish you could do longer. 

The Skatejet brings you the dynamics of motorcycling combined with the freedom of skating or skiing.

A Perfect fun. 



The Skatejet is based on a 50cc motorswing (as known from scooters). This is mounted in a sturdy and well balanced double swing frame and assisted by a small backwheel (as used in gliders). 

The outlook
racing on a skakejet

The technology of this new concept opens a variety of applications:

From urban transportation to adrenaline pumping extreme sports.

From compact e-drive solutions up to belt-driven snowtractors.

Skatejets concept is covered by patents around the world. Mayor investors may take advantage. The next generation is waiting to be brought to markets soon.